SHINY PEOPLE is the ONLINE zine for young artists.


We are fueled by the desire to share stories about people, not products.

Created by writer Miranda Feneberger in early 2017, the zine aims to bring the focus back to the everyday young people who shape the world, and away from the product-peddling, money-making media we see online.

The print zine will be supported and funded by the cost of our issues as well as independent donations. If you'd like to make a donation, please visit our DONATIONS page. The zine will accept sponsorships from services and organizations who serve and help young people. We will not accept product or commercial sponsorships - that's not what we're about.

All creators who contribute original work to Shiny People will be paid. Donations will keep this thing running, so if you love the idea or want to contribute to independent media, we'd love to have your support.



Editor-in-Chief: Miranda Feneberger

Copy Editor: Alex Heldman

Cover Design & Illustration: Allie Ng



Editor-in-Chief: Miranda Feneberger 

Copy Editor: Alex Heldman

Cover Design: Alicia Tatone

Cover Illustration: Sienna Gonzales