Editor's Note: July 2017

By Miranda Feneberger

 Basking in the glory of the Catskill Mountains.

Basking in the glory of the Catskill Mountains.

Dear reader,

For as long as I’ve lived (a modest 23 years), I’ve loved a good book. There’s something about holding the thing in your hands, flicking through the pages, that I can’t get enough of. I solve sudoku puzzles in anthologies I’ve sorted by difficulty level. I learn about new places through colorful, glossy guides. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve filled whole bookcases with my backlog of magazines. 

When Shiny People was just an inkling of an inkling of an idea, I thought about the pleasure I derived from the simple act of holding the thing I was reading. From possessing it in the physical realm, rather than in the cloud. 

I don’t think I’m alone in this. We can form relationships with things. Reading a book is a shared experience between you and the paper. It’s a solitary experience. You can let your mind wander inside the mind of someone else, uninterrupted. It’s a cozy experience.

You can see how our first issue’s theme, Warmth, came naturally. 

Comfort, coziness, support, and community were only a few of the themes our writers, illustrators, and photographers used as inspiration for their art. 

The issue is heartbreaking, empowering, fantastical, and most importantly, a ton of fun. On behalf of the lovely people who made this issue possible, I’d like to welome you into our world. Grab a coffee or a cup of tea and dive in.