WARMTH: Shiny People Volume I (Digital)

WARMTH: Shiny People Volume I (Digital)


Digital download copy of Shiny People Volume I: Warmth.

Featuring prose, poetry, and art from over twenty young artists, Volume I is sure to fill your heart with joy. The 52-page full color zine will be delivered to you in a PDF format for mobile & desktop browsing.

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Editing & layout design by Miranda Feneberger

Cover design by Alicia Tatone / Cover illustration by Sienna Gonzales

Copy editing by Alex Heldman

Writers: Anna Gragert, Sheldon Strickland, Natalie Rodgers, Miranda Feneberger, Monique Pieters, Gabriela Herstik, Stevie King, Alex Heldman, Paley Martin, Haley Houseman, Francis Ittenbach, Brooke Cummings, Ava Feneberger

Artists: Natalie Rodgers, Miranda Feneberger, Emily Wilson, Alicia Tatone, Sienna Gonzales

Photographers: Franky Mariachi, Sophia Lynn, Sheldon Strickland, Emilie Enke, Nadia Velasquez, Tom Flynn, LJ

Donors: Mary Lugo, Omonike Aremu, Yuliya Zarnitsyna