WORSHIP: Shiny People Volume II (Digital)

WORSHIP: Shiny People Volume II (Digital)


Digital download copy of Shiny People Volume II: Worship.

Featuring prose, poetry, and art from over twenty-five young artists, Volume II is sure to make you think. You will be sent a downloadable PDF version of this issue!

Make sure to share photos of your zine using the hashtag #shinypeoplezine on Instagram! 

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Editing & layout design by Miranda Feneberger

Cover design by Allie Ng

Writing: Miranda Feneberger, Tavi Gevinson, Anna Gragert, Alice K. Gray, Alex Heldman, Francis Ittenbach, Lisa Kwon, Emanuel Manos, Poonam Mantha, Paley Martin, Dylan Owen, Eva Recinos, Amber Scales, Amanda Siegel, Alicia Tatone, Emily Wilson, Polina Yakovleva, Molly Young.

Art: Miranda Feneberger, Sienna Gonzales, Yoni Kenyan, Franky Mariachi, Lacey Moranville, Allie Ng, Catherine Roach, Natalie Rodgers, Bianca Walker, Emily Wilson