Submissions for VOLUME IV: WANT are now OPEN.


If you'd like to submit your work for Issue IV, please contact us below. If you just want to say hey, you can do it here or by sending us a DM on Instagram @shinypeoplezine



WANT will be all about our needs, desires, and the things we yearn for. Think id. The deep longings at the core of each of us. Raw passion. Its springtime release will call up themes of sexuality, sensuality, lust, need, and obsession. Would love to also feature some religious themes such as manifestation, prayer, and using the divine to get what you want. Earthly and heavenly desires. We can also discuss the downfalls of wanting -- greed, overconsumption, excess. 


We are looking for essays about want/need/obsession. They can be heavy or silly. Wax poetic over your favorite on-screen character or feel free to get serious. Addiction could work for this theme. Or withdrawal -- what happens when you don't get what you want.


For artists -- editorial shoots around sexuality & desire, the female/male gaze, ownership of one's image. Color themes are pinks, reds, and earthy greens. Florals, pearls, gemstones also work for this. 


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All contributors who are submitting original, unpublished work will be paid if their submission makes it to print. If the work has been previously published or shared, we cannot compensate you for that work. However, we're still happy to publish pieces that have been shared elsewhere, as long as you still retain the rights to your work.